talking back (uttering nordicity) / by Courtney Chetwynd

Big throbbing heart. Sincerity. Expansive haunting love.
Is it possible to see, feel and hear a Northern identity? I just listened to this program that Janna Graham has curated on the North, for the Cross Waves series with New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA). Not playing along with southern demands and misconceptions, or common cliche, I think it is so important for Northern voices to speak for themselves. Returning from the frenetic activity of London and admittedly feeling a bit anti-climatic as I acclimatize; remember not to surface too quickly, sort of like dealing with a decompression sickness, the bends. Hearing the North's many tongues served as a gentle reminder of the magnetism and power of my home. Thanks for doing such a solid job to honour this place, Janna. Happy to be included as one of these murmurs, to capture the bodily sounds of many of my intimate Northern relationships, and explore a central theme in my practice, reciprocity.

You can listen to the program here:

...and find out some more info on the series and participating artists here:

The arctic circle
is a threshold
in the mind,
not its circumference.

North is
where all parallels
to open out.
— Henry Beissel, Cantos North